BioIndustry: Tools To Create Advances That Save Lives

The genome revolution is driving the development of medicine towards innovative and innovative areas. And what is more remarkable, drug production continues to grow. In addition to the chemical-based treatments that we have always known, we currently see a proliferation of highly effective biological therapies.

The creation of these new biological drugs is done through bioproduction, a technique that depends on the production of large quantities of new cells, which are counted in billions or even more. In turn, this requires highly specialized containers, surfaces, and media to perform cell development under precise conditions.

What Corning offers

In our extensive portfolio of products and brands for biological sciences, the drug discovery industry recognizes Corning for its reliability, innovation, and value, both in consumable and non-consumable laboratory devices.

When it comes to creating environments for cell culture, drug researchers get the perfect combination with our innovative containers and specialized surfaces and media. They can save valuable space in the laboratory thanks to the precision layers of our advanced multi-layer containers. Our advanced surface technologies and media provide the optimal environment necessary for healthy and rapid cell growth and, ultimately, a successful biological treatment for a wide variety of diseases.

Our dedication to quality and technology also allows us to offer reliable results to genome laboratories, as they delve into DNA research for the development of new drugs. And since the effectiveness of a treatment depends on how it interacts with other drugs and enzymes in the body, we have a complete line of products for absorption/administration, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME), in addition to in vitro toxicity tests.

Our reputation for quality extends beyond the world of medicines. Researchers in the agricultural products, food, and beverage industry, and also emerging fields such as synthetic biology, turn to us for innovative products they can trust.

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